LeanGear® Pull Up Resistance Band, Double Color, 100% Pure Natural Latex, Set of 4 Bands

LeanGear® Pull Up Resistance Band, Double Color, 100% Pure Natural Latex, Set of 4 Bands

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  • WHAT'S INSIDE - You will receive a nicely packaged gloss gift box, which will be a perfect and inspiring attraction to anyone seeing it for the first time. Within the box, you will find an instruction manual with various exercises and tips. You will also receive four different bands of various sizes. Finally, you will receive bonus gifts such as the mini loop band along with a mesh bag which will be your perfect gym buddy to carry the bands!


  • BAND SIZES - There are four main bands that may be used for your various exercises. All bands are of equal length (82in) and thickness (0.18in) but vary in width. The smallest is the red and black band which is 82in x 0.5in. The blue and black band is 82in x 0.8in. The purple and black band is 82in x 1.25in. The biggest green and black band is 82in x 1.75in.


  • WHAT DO I NEED - The red band (15-35lbs) is made for light weight exercising, stretching, pull ups, and more. The blue band provides a little more resistance than the red band (25lb-65lb). The purple band is made more for lower body exercises (35-85lbs). The green band is best for heavy body weight and heavy lift exercising such as weightlifting. You may also combine two bands together to grant you more support and allow in a few extra reps and make it easier (50-125lbs).


  • WHY LEANGEAR -LeanGear is one of the only brands that offers the stylish double color bands. They also come together as a pack so you do not need to purchase new sizes as your performance in fitness increases. LeanGear provides a very competitive bargain for all the items included in the box. We also have latex imported from Malaysia, which has the best latex worldwide.


  • INCENTIVES - LeanGear bands are hypoallergenic and environment friendly. They contain no toxic substance, cadmium, lead, etc. These bands stretch up to 5 times their actual size and have also been tested in many different settings. They have been Rohs, Reach, and Pahs tested and approved. These bands are also great for rehabilitation exercises, physical therapy, stretching exercises, weight exercises, shoulder, biceps, triceps, calves, hamstrings, and much more.